CAD/CAM Solutions, Inc. provides FREE technical support via telephone and E-mail to registered Mastercam users in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure prompt and effective support:

  • Be ready to describe the problem in detail and know what product version and level you are working with. Document what happened, particularly if you cannot call immediately after the problem occurred.
  • Be in front of your computer while you call.
  • If possible, try to duplicate the problem. The support technician may request that you do this while you are on the phone. Also, be prepared to submit MCX files and other data related to your problem.
  • Have a complete description of your hardware, including CPU, mouse, math-coprocessor and memory.

Online Support through GoTo Meeting™

Contact us at 770-982-3400, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST to set up a meeting.

Post Processor Support

CAD/CAM Solutions, Inc. provides Post Processor support for registered CAD/CAM Solutions, Inc. customers. We will provide a generic 2 – 3 axis post for your machine/control at no charge if it is available. Should the provided post need customization or if you need a 5-axis post.

Downloads and Enhancements

Software patches are available from the Mastercam Web Site.